About Us

Picture this:  We’re in the shopping mall, walking around a clothing store looking for new underwear and all I can see is dismal, old-fashioned briefs with zero style made out of what can only be described as sandpaper.  The worst part is thinking “they’ll have to do” because, well, you know the deal, you’re running out of decent underwear and they’re the only thing you can find!  The other annoying part of this process is that it seems as soon as YOU enter the underwear section, it’s ALL EYES ON YOU.  Judgement Day!  What’s he looking at, what will he choose, what kind of man is he??

I realised then that I was looking for something that made me feel attractive and masculine.  I needed something that I couldn’t find in any store.

 Introducing ADAM.

No more asking the significant other to find something the next time they’re in the store.  No more wearing something that makes you feel a lot older than you are.  ADAM is all about giving you the clothing you want, allowing you to shop however you want in the privacy of your own home!

We love being able to offer stylish and masculine underwear and swimwear to the men of the world, but more than that we LOVE knowing that what we offer is enabling men to feel masculine and in control again.  

ADAM hand-picked his first garment.  So can you.
Be original.  Shop ADAM.